CeNCOOS Ocean Observing Classroom

This section of the CeNCOOS Classroom provides access for teachers and students, primarily grades 9-12, to educational products for learning about ocean observing and the researchers in this field. Click on icons below to download or view products and the associated links to provide instructions. The products below were created thanks to the efforts of CeNCOOS Summer Intern Matthew Binder, a teacher at North Monterey County Unified School District.

interactive program

Module 1. Interactive Multimedia Instructional Program

An Introduction to the Integrated Ocean Observing System (video)

Teacher manual: (PDF) (Word Doc)

Student manual: (PDF) (Word Doc)

Module 2. Real-Time Data Lesson Plan

Real-Time Sea Surface Current Data Lesson (PDF) - A supplemental silde show overview for teachers

SF Bay Current Vectors: (PDF) (Word Doc)

Teacher manual: (PDF) (Word Doc)

Student manual: (PDF) (Word Doc)

Module 3. Video Interviews and Case Studies of Ocean Observing Scientists

Interview with Steve Ramp, CeNCOOS Director (video)

Interview with Erika McPhee-Shaw, MLML Oceanographer (video)

Interview with Francisco Chavez, MBARI Oceanographer (video)

Interview Response Form (PDF )

classroom poster

Module 4. Classroom Poster of the California Current

Flowing Ocean - Understanding the California Current Poster (PDF)
Student Guide Supplement: (PDF) (Word Doc)