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MBARI Mooring M1 Currents Data

Location: 36.75 N, -122.03 W

Depth: 1000m

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Velocity Profile Plot - V (North-South) data are red. U (East-West) data are green.
DepthU-velocityV-velocity ADCP Vel profile
Data for 27-Jul-2014 12:54:59

In the following plot, The first 5 bins are red, the next 5 are blue, then green, yellow, magenta and finally cyan. Note: On the plots, data within bounds but marked as bad are plotted in black. Data ouf of the plot's bounds are plotted as blue triangles.
ADCP time-series plot
ADCP time-series plot
Statistic computed from 24 hours prior to 27-Jul-2014 12:54:59 UT
DepthMeanStd. Dev.MinMax MeanStd. Dev.MinMax

In the following figure ADCP temperature is in blue, surface CTD temperature in magenta and 1st microcat temperature in green.
Statistics computed from 24 hours prior to 27-Jul-2014 12:54:59 UT
Current ValueMeanStd Dev.MinMax
multiple temperature time series plot

Data courtesy of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Presentation by CeNCOOS