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NDBC/MBARI Mooring 46044 Currents Data

Location: 36.6985 N, -122.378 W

Depth: 1800m

[Quality Control]

Velocity Profile Plot - V (North-South) data are red. U (East-West) data are green.
DepthU-velocityV-velocity ADCP Vel profile
Data for 25-Sep-2013 12:00:00

In the following plot, The first 5 bins are red, the next 5 are blue, then green, yellow, magenta and finally cyan. Note: On the plots, data within bounds but marked as bad are plotted in black. Data ouf of the plot's bounds are plotted as blue triangles.
ADCP time-series plot
ADCP time-series plot
Statistic computed from 24 hours prior to 25-Sep-2013 12:00:00 UT
DepthMeanStd. Dev.MinMax MeanStd. Dev.MinMax

Data courtesy of NDBC and Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Presentation by CeNCOOS