2015 CeNCOOS Council Meeting

Thank you to everyone that helped make the 2015 CeNCOOS Winter Meeting such a success!  We are particularly thankful to the the NOAA SWFSC in Santa Cruz for hosting, the CeNCOOS Governing Council for their continued dedication, all of our presenters and panelists, and everyone that took the time to give us feedback (either during the meeting itself or afterwards).  We also want to recognize the organizations and individuals that have donated to CeNCOOS, without your support we would not have been able to hold this meeting (find out how to donate).

On the first day, Nate Mantua kicked of the meeting with an excellent talk on the strange year that was 2014.  We heard program updates from the IOOS program office, the IOOS Association, and the CeNCOOS program office.  Project summaries were given for grant/project funding received by the CeNCOOS office in 2014 or expected for 2015.  We ended the day with a user panel discussion and an overview of our 2016-2021 RCOOS funding proposal process (more information on that will be coming in February 2015).

Day two began with sessions on data exploration and visualization; these sessions ran concurrently with working groups on shore stations, high frequency radar, and modeling.  We concluded the event with a governance session, where the CeNCOOS Governing Council discussed specifics concerning the upcoming RCOOS proposal, FY2015 funding, and 2015 elections.

You can find meeting minutes and copies of most of the presentations given at the meeting in the documents section below.  Send us a note at cencoos_communications@mbari.org if you have any questions or feedback on the meeting.
01/20/15 to 01/21/15
Santa Cruz, CA