Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference

The 62nd Annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference is being held 20-23 September 2015 at Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe, with David Checkley as our Fireside Chat speaker, and the following scientific sessions

  • Hot and strange times in the California Current System: A look at 2014-2015 from all angles (Nate Mantua and Emanuele DiLorenzo)
  • Role of submesoscale and mesoscale processes in structuring ecosystem dynamics in the eastern Pacific Ocean (Christine Cass and Fanny Chenillat)
  • Predictability of biology across different space-time-trophic scales (Art Miller and Clarissa Anderson)
  • The future is now: hypoxia and ocean acidification in the Eastern Pacific (Erika McPhee-Shaw and Kerry Nichols)
  • A General Topics session that will accommodate presentations on any aspect of oceanographic research connected to the Eastern Pacific

If you know a student or colleague whose work would fit into the meeting's themes, please pass this on to them.

The abstract deadline of 17 July is fast approaching, so please have a look at the conference website for more information, contact information for Conference Organizers, and to submit an abstract! Registration information will be available later in the summer (typically early August) in conjunction with more information on the program, and will be announced by email and links to details available on the EPOC website.

EPOC website

This is a great meeting for developing collaborations and interdisciplinary connections, and is an especially good forum for students, so we hope to see some of you there!

Many Thanks,
Samantha Siedlecki and Kristen Davis, EPOC 2015 Conference Organizers

09/20/15 to 09/23/15
Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe