Report Mammal Sightings with JellyWatch

To assist with the crowdsourcing of marine mammal strandings, UCSC and CeNCOOS have partnered with JellyWatch. JellyWatch is a website and mobile app that allows users to report sightings of a variety of marine organisms. For our harmful algal bloom (HAB) modeling project, a new category is available on the sightings list for mammal observations!

Please help us spread the word about using JellyWatch to log marine mammal strandings and sightings.

We hope to use some of this crowd sourced information to get a better picture of marine mammal strandings and to also help us evaluate our harmful algal bloom (HAB) prediction models. Many of the strandings we see in the region are the result of HAB toxin exposure. These reports will help us evaluate the accuracy of our HAB models and hopefully lead us to answers on some important questions related to these animals being exposed to HAB toxins. The more people making these reports, the more valuable this tool will be!

If you see a stranded marine mammal:

1. Maintain a safe distance
2. Report it to the local marine mammal stranding hotline: 415-289-SEAL
3. Take a picture of the animal (optional)
4. Use the JellyWatch website or mobile app to report the sighting (include its condition)