Video Features OA Monitoring Partnership

The New York Times, as part of the "California Matters" series, posted a video exploring our science-industry partnership to monitor ocean acidification and water quality in Tomales Bay.  The video follows host Mark Bitmann as he visits with Tessa Hill (UC Davis) and Hog Island Oyster Company co-owner Terry Sawyer to discuss ocean observing assets deployed at the oyster farm.  These instruments are being used to track water conditions that are important to both research science and the shellfish companies in the area.

CeNCOOS has been working with Tessa and Terry on a project to test cutting-edge ocean acidification monitoring sensors since 2013.  You can find the streaming data from these sensors (and Tessa's other sensors at the farm) on the IPACOA website and in the CeNCOOS data portal.

Data via IPACOA    Data via CeNCOOS Data Portal