Underwater Glider Observations - Trinidad Head, California

CeNCOOS announces the start of a new project to continuously monitor subsurface ocean conditions along a 300km track line off Trinidad Head. These measurements fill an important gap in oceanographic observations between Newport, OR, and Monterey Bay, CA; an area that has been identified in many California Current plans as a key sampling location. 

This effort is supported jointly by CeNCOOS, NANOOS and NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC). Operations will be carried out by Oregon State University's Dr. Jack Barth, Dr. Kipp Shrearman, Anatoli Erofeev and Steve Pierce in collaboration with Dr. Eric Bjorkstedt of SWFSC/HSU.

Glider measurements of subsurface temperature, salinity, oxygen, chlorophyll and backscatter will complement monthly NOAA SWFSC shipboard CTD and zooplankton measurements along the Trinidad Head line.  This effort provides much needed subsurface data for assimilation into ocean models which will directly improve forecasts of ocean conditions.  More information on the project access to the data are available on the Trinidad Head glider page.

More Info & Data OSU Glider Page

Image Credit: University of Washington/APL