El Niño Page Launch

CeNCOOS El Nino page screen capture - Observing California's Ocean in an El Nino Year
We are excited to debut our new El Niño page.  This tool is a great way to get updates on this year's El Niño and explore what ocean observing data is telling us about current conditions.

Go to El Niño Page 

In California, El Niño often results in warmer ocean temperatures which can have a number of effects, including impacts to kelp, the amount of nutrients in the surface ocean, and the movement of species. Visitors can use the new tool to explore changing temperatures and compare them to previous years.  The page includes updates from regional experts on the 2016 El Niño and links to online resources for learning more about the phenomena.

Check back often!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding additional tools and new updates from leading scientists in California.

We’d love to get your feedback!  Leave us a note using the “feedback” tab on our website or shoot us an email at cencoos_communications@mbari.org