CeNCOOS Update - February 2018

Hello CeNCOOS Community,

It has been just over a month since we have had a major refresh in the Program Office team. We have been working on several tasks and defining our approach to broader CeNCOOS efforts. These efforts include the following:

Ocean Sciences Meeting - Alex Harper and I attended the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland Oregon. This gave us the chance to meet with many people from the IOOS offices, the other Regional Associations and from the CeNCOOS region itself. Several important initiatives were highlighted at OSM including the OceanObs'19 meeting, the formation of a best practices network, ocean acidification, harmful algal blooms, deep corals, deep ocean observing, as well as several NOAA-linked efforts with gliders, models, high-frequency radar, and fixed-point observing from open ocean to estuaries.

Regional Information Coordination Entity (RICE) - We are working closely with Axiom Data Science and other CeNCOOS members to complete our RICE certification process with NOAA. This certification helps the US - Integrated Ocean Observing System and its Regional Associations, including CeNCOOS, to meet requirements called out in the Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observing System Act of 2009 (ICOOS Act). Once certified, CeNCOOS data will be covered by federal liability protection and our data can be used with the same quality assurance as federal data. Moreover, this process helps us better understand the quality and breadth of practices and documentation that help ensure resilient capability.

Executive Committee & Governing Council meetings - We are receiving detailed guidance from our Executive Council as we orient ourselves across our many threads of effort and impact. We have planned a Governing Council meeting on 3 May 2018. The spring 2018 meeting will be small scale and focused on management and operation discussions. In the autumn of 2018, we will have a larger scale meeting that will include a day to hear highlights from the observations and theme experts, as well as a second day for management and operation discussions.

IOOS Association - Alex Harper and I will attend the IOOS Association meeting on 6-7 March in Washington, DC. We will be joined by one of our Executive Council members, Mary Miller from the Exploratorium. The meeting will include discussions on the NOAA Water Initiative and IOOS-linked impact on the economy.

Site visits - Importantly for us and the members at large, we are looking to visit with you to better understand your needs and interests. We are in the process of scheduling visits in the San Louis Obispo, Monterey Bay, San Francisco Bay, Bodega Bay, and Humboldt Bay areas. These visits are already helping us to understand the future interests across our stakeholder network and will help guide our strategic thinking.

We're really looking forward to more visits other chances for us to discuss the future.


Henry Ruhl & the CeNCOOS team