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CeNCOOS Policy on Voluntary Membership Donations

Approved by CeNCOOS GC 1/14/2014 PDF Version

CeNCOOS encourages their Party (signatory) Members to help offset the costs of the program.

Rationale for Voluntary Donations

CeNCOOS is funded primarily through a grant from the U.S. IOOS® program, administered by NOAA. About 15% of the grant funds governance and program administration activities through the CeNCOOS Program Office located within MBARI, a non-profit organization. The rest of the grant is used to support ocean observing and modeling, and data management and product development, at about 15 institutions. Any program administration and governance costs that could be offset by voluntary contributions would allow more funding to be directed to other activities.

Furthermore, some CeNCOOS industry members have already made monetary contributions by paying for part of CeNCOOS dues to the IOOS Association. It would be more equitable to solicit contributions from all members.

What Voluntary Donations Fund

CeNCOOS hosts at least one large (~ 60 people) meeting and several smaller meetings per year. Currently, the CeNCOOS program office (hosted at MBARI) covers all meeting costs, including food, out of the NOAA IOOS grant. Meeting attendees are not charged. Voluntary membership donations would be used to help cover meeting and food costs. Additionally, voluntary donations could be used to offset travel costs for Governing Council members that have significant distances to travel to attend annual meetings.

Voluntary donations would also help pay for the $5000 in annual IOOS Association dues. $4500 of this is currently paid from the NOAA IOOS grant, but the $500 unrestricted part is used for lobbying costs and cannot be paid out of the grant, nor from an MBARI account. Over the last several years, different CeNCOOS industry members have been paying this portion of the dues on CeNCOOS’ behalf.

Suggested Donation Levels

Member contributions are strictly voluntary, but the following donation levels are suggested:

  • Individuals $20/year
  • Non-profit organizations $75/year
  • Tribal entities $75/year
  • Government agencies $125/year
  • Universities $250/year
  • Companies $250/year (or $500 every two years if donation goes directly to the IOOS Association)


Timing of Donation Solicitation

Contributions will be solicited annually on June 1, coincident with the start of the NOAA/IOOS
funding year for CeNCOOS.

Acknowledgement of Donations

Members that make an annual contribution will be acknowledged as Sponsoring Members on the
CeNCOOS website and in the CeNCOOS newsletter.

Organizations wishing to help pay IOOS Association dues should contact the CeNCOOS Program Office at

Other donations should be marked as being for CeNCOOS and may be sent directly to:

7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039
Attention: Kathy Bevard

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