Program Organization

Program Organization

Program Staff

Central program staff includes the Program Director, Program Manager, Information Manager and Product Developer who work out of the CeNCOOS office at MBARI in Moss Landing, CA.

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Governing Council

Our 15-member Governing Council meets about twice a year to discuss our structure and vision to provide guidance to the Program Director. Members are elected by CeNCOOS members, serve three-year terms, and are located throughout central and northern California at various agencies and institutions.

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Executive Committee

A 4-member subset of the Governing Council, the Executive Committee represents the Governing Council when quick decisions are needed. The EC is elected by the GC and serve one year terms. Generally, the EC will consist of a Chair, Past-Chair, Chair-elect, and one other member.

Executive committee members

Joint Strategic Advisory Committee

The primary mission of the Joint Strategic Advisory Committee (JSAC) is to advise the Regional Associations in the State of California on how best to meet management, industry and other users needs. Membership is state-wide and includes representatives from government agencies, universities and private sector.

JSAC Members

Principal Investigators

Individuals who contribute to the observing system and the analysis of the data and the development of products are CeNCOOS investigators. This is an informal designation that is conferred and updated by the CeNCOOS staff with oversight from the Executive Committee. Most but not all investigators are supported by CeNCOOS grants either via sub-awards to their institution or via awards to their institution that includes a CeNCOOS work component. CeNCOOS investigators are expected to represent CeNCOOS externally, and respond to requests for input, contribute to the scientific progress of CeNCOOS, and participate in the annual meeting, grant-writing, and other CeNCOOS investigator activities.

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Organizations and individuals engaged in the collection, delivery or use of ocean observing data or information that maintain regular contact with CeNCOOS and have signed our Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

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