Affirming Our Values: CeNCOOS’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

CeNCOOS affirms the value of equality and is committed to routing out racism and discrimination, intentional or otherwise. The recent, historic outpouring of protest, grief and rage is driving a mandate to end the racist, sexist, discriminatory and prejudicial behavior that continues to oppress and devalue so many. CeNCOOS is a community and its diversity of people, skills and wisdom make it stronger. Further promoting diversity within the broader CeNCOOS community is integral to achieving our mission. We recognize the legacies of institutional, systemic racism and oppression that persist within the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, including oceanography. We renew our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming work environment where our many partners can work together to recognize and eliminate biases in our behavior.

CeNCOOS endeavors to create, collect and share information about our estuaries, coasts and oceans. This information helps foster interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration, monitoring and management, and educational opportunities. Over the coming months, we plan to re-examine the CeNCOOS data and information sharing practices and identify and pursue opportunities to make each stage of the data creation and sharing process more accessible, diverse and equitable. We also plan to embed these values more deeply into our guiding principles and governance, and consider long-term objectives that contribute to achieving environmental justice. We look forward to engaging with our community on these actions.