CUTI and BEUTI Upwelling Indices

The Coastal Upwelling Transport Index (CUTI, pronounced “cutie”) and the Biological Effectiive Upwelling Transport Index (BEUTI, pronounced “beauty”) are two new west coat upwelling indices. The indices are derived using ocean models, satellite data, and in situ data.

CUTI provides estimates of vertical transport near the coast. It was develped as a more accurate alternative to the “Bakun Index”.

BEUTI provides an estimate of the nitrate flux near the coast. This flux may be more relevant than upwelling strength for biological responses.

For more details of the calculation, how they differ from the Bakun Index and access to data files of CUTI and BEUTI see

CUTI hovmoller diagram BEUTI hovmoller diagram
CUTI anomaly plot BEUTI anomaly plot