MBARI Moorings

Click on the map icons or use the menu to select a mooring. Access real-time information from active moorings and HF Radar stations, and archived data from historic moorings.

HF Radar

Mooring Information

Moorings are deployed and maintained by MBARI, 46044 is managed collaboratively by MBARI and NDBC.

Moorings M1 and M2 were deployed in 1989, while M0 was deployed in 2004. M2 and M0 were removed in November 2011 (access archived M0 and M2 data at MBARI (older data) or CeNCOOS (newer data) portals. MBARI/NDBC 46044 was deployed in 2011, designed to replace M2 and NDBC buoy 46042. All of these are collecting ocean and weather data from fixed locations and transmit to the web in real-time.

OA1 and OA2 (also transmitting in real-time) were deployed April 2011 to study ocean acidification (OA), both were removed in November 2011 and have recently been redeployed. OA describes a decrease in ocean pH levels, critical to ocean animals and plants, caused by increased dissolved C02.

HF Radar stations, used for real-time surface current mapping, are also shown on the map. HF Radar stations in the Monterey Bay area are managed collaboratively by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and CeNCOOS.