Nemesis 2018-08

Nemesis 2018-08

This glider transects offshore of Monterey Bay with a variable track. The glider is sporadically deployed. The most recent data from the active mission is plotted below and soon data will be available for download from the IOOS Glider DAC.

Active Mission Plots

Plot Details: The contour plots below are updated every 4 hours and display water temperature, salinity, chlorophyll flourescence and acoustic backscatter from the surface to 500 meters depth. The top plot for each variable is the most recent glider transect. The dates on the top axis of plot provide a reference to the start and end time of that stretch of data. The x-axis on each plot represents the distance along the track and indicate the glider's direction (towards or away from shore). Learn more about how to interpret glider contour plots


Teledyne Webb Glider Temperature Contours


Teledyne Webb Glider Salinity Contours


Glider Oxygen Contours


Glider Chlorophyll Contours

Optical Backscatter

Glider Backscatter Contours