Spray Glider - 2011 BENEX

Spray Glider - 2011 BENEX

Below are graphical displays of the final tracklines surveyed by a Spray glider traveling from nearshore to near the outer edge of Monterey Bay in October 2011.

Project Information: This dataset is part of a NSF funded experiment on the benthic exchange and near-boundary layer mixing on the continental shelf. The experiment was a collaboration between the Naval Postgraduate School (Dr. Tim Stanton and Dr. Bill Shaw), Moss Landing Marine Lab (Dr. Erika McPhee-Shaw) and MBARI (Dr. Jim Bellingham). It is uncertain whether this glider will be redeployed for this or other projects in the near future. The map to the right shows the location of this glider mission within Monterey Bay.

Map of Glider Track

Plot Description: The contour plots below display water temperature and salinity from the surface to 300 meters depth. The glider transect dates are provided at the top of each plot. Use the x-axis on each plot (distance along track) to determine the glider's direction (towards or away from shore), and its distance along the transect from the start point.


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Temperature - Last Transects

Spray Glider Temperature Contours

Salinity - Last Transects

Spray Glider Salinity Contours