California-Wide Currents

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This view of surface current speed and direction, derived from many high frequency (HF) radar stations, is provided by the Coastal Observing Research and Development Center (CORDC) at the University of California San Diego.
- Use the colorbar in the map options to the right of the map to assess the speed of currents, as depicted by colored arrows. Currents are moving in the direction arrows point.

- The default map view is a daily average of currents, you can choose 'Hourly' in map options for most recent map.
- To view specific areas, zoom in or use the location links on the left navigation bar.
- Changing the map resolution will show more arrows in some areas (like SF Bay), but fewer arrows in others areas.
- Use -1/+1 links below the time/date box to see past maps and to move back to present time
- If you are interested in ocean current forecasts check out our statewide ROMS model.