CA ROMS Current Animation

CA ROMS Current Animation


Trajectory Product Description

This animation, produced twice a day, is based on the 72-hour forecast from the UCLA/Remote Sensing Solutions California Coastal Ocean nowcasting and forecasting Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS). The ROMS domain encompasses the entire California coastal region out to 1000 km off shore, with a horizontal resolution of 3 km and 40 vertical levels.

Background colors are the hourly forecast surface temperatures from the model. Temperature contours are in increments of degrees Celsius, with the color scale shown on the right. The moving black and gray lines, known as particle trajectories, indicate paths that particles would travel if they followed, or were advected by, the hourly forecast surface currents. Particles are seeded at every 10th grid point in the model and half-hour time steps are used to calculate the particle advection (Kaplan and Lekien, 2007). The black head of each particle trajectory indicates the path over the six hours prior to that frame of the animation, while the gray tail of the trajectory extends back to the starting location of the particle.

Kaplan, D. M., and F. Lekien (2007), Spatial interpolation and filtering of surface current data based on open-boundary modal analysis, J. Geophys. Res., 112, C12007, doi:10.1029/2006JC003984.