Bathymetry & Coastlines

Bathymetry & Coastlines

High-Resolution California Bathymetry

Multibeam + LIDAR

This project merged recently collected topographic, bathymetric, and acoustic elevation data along the entire California coastline from approximately the 10 meter elevation contour out to California's 3 mile state water's boundary.

  • Topographic lidar data was from the 2009-2011 CA Coastal Conservancy Lidar Project (Oct 2009 - Aug 2011), coverage extends landward 500 m from the shoreline, along the entire California coastline.
  • Bathymetric lidar data was 2009-2010 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers JALBTCX lidar collected for the California Coastal Mapping Project.
  • The multibeam acoustic data were high resolution CSMP survey data combined NGDC data.


CSMP High-Resolution Multibeam Bathymetry

The CSUMB Sea Floor Mapping Lab hosts high resolution bathymetry data for the entire California coast. Data extends to 3-km offshore, includes bathy and bathy derived products and is served in a number of formats. A new data viewer provides a map interface for selecting bathymetry data subsets without the block limitations of traditional data access. For ESRI users, data (including mosaics) can be discovered on the SFML ArcGIS server by searching for This data is made available as part of the California Seafloor Mapping Project.

Bathymetry Maps and Products

USGS hosts additional maps and synthesized pamphlets of CSMP survey data. Data sets vary by region but generally include bathymetry, contours, geologic maps, habitat maps and seafloor videos.

Map Services

CSMP bathymetry data has been incorportated into Google Maps/Earth and the ESRI Ocean basemap.