Live coastal webcam video or regularly updated still images. Organized by coastal areas in the CeNCOOS region, north to south.

Humboldt County

Mendocino Coast

North of San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area

Halfmoon Bay Area

Monterey Bay Area

  • Santa Cruz Wharf area - still image every minute
  • Santa Cruz Harbor Beach - still image every 15 mins
  • Steamer Lane - live webcam video
  • Rio Del Mar Beach - still image south of Santa Cruz every minute
  • Elkhorn Slough near Moss Landing - still image every 5 mins
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium - live webcam video
  • Monterey Bay - live webcam HD video of San Carlos beach, open water and harbor
  • Del Monte Beach South View - still image of beach and Monterey every 30 secs
  • Pebble Beach Golf Course - live video feed
  • MBARI Research Vessels - video and positions for ships at sea (when in range)

Big Sur/Morro Bay/SLO

  • Big Sur from Nepenthe Restaurant
  • Cayucos - live webcam video at Shoreline Inn
  • Cayucos Pier
  • Morro Bay - live webcam HD video of beach
  • Morro Bay Harbor - still image every minute
  • Morro Bay Harbor - live webcam HD video
  • Avila Beach - live webcam video
  • Shell Beach - live webcam HD video
  • Oceano - live webcam HD video
  • Pismo Beach - live webcam video
  • Pismo Beach - live webcam HD video at pier
  • Santa Barbara - West Beach - live webcam HD video