Ocean Acidification Resources


Ocean Acidification in Washington State TEDx Talk

Video on how ocean acidification may impact North Pacific susceptible species and cascade through food webs, via trophic interactions, to affect other species.

Publications & Papers

Current: Special issue featuring ocean acidification

PDF of a special issue of Current: the Journal of Marine Education.  Includes 10 papers specifically focused on ocean acidification topics ranging from ecological impacts to policy opportunities. (2009)

Impacts of ocean acidification on marine fauna and ecosystem processes

Journal Article by Victoria Fabry et al. (2008) 

Multiple stressor considerations: ocean acidification in a deoxygenating ocean and warming climate

Overview of acidification, deoxygenation, and temperature changes, the links between them, and potential perturbation scenarios projected for coastal oceans. Jul 2015

Ocean Acidification and Alaska Fisheries

Views and Voices of Alaska’s Fishermen, Marine Industries and Coastal Residents: Report by Rachel Donkersloot, Alaska Marine Conservation Council (2012)


California Current Ocean Acidification Network (C-CAN)

A collaboration between the west coast shellfish industry and scientists that is exploring the role of ocean acidification in shellfish losses on the Pacific coast.

Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification

A task force of multiple federal agencies working to coordinate ocean acidification activities across the Federal government to fulfill the goals of the FOARAM Act.

IOOS Ocean Acidification page

Details the efforts of IOOS focused on ocean acidification

PMEL Carbon Program

NOAA’s ocean observing program specifically aimed at improving understanding of the ocean carbon cycle and its influence on ocean acidification

UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme

UK research program investigating the impacts of ocean acidification. Their website provides project descriptions, the latest news on OA, and other useful links and resources.

News & Articles

A Rising Tide of Acid Off California

News Article in ScienceNOW by Robert F. Service (2012)

Earth's Acid Test

A Nature article by Quirin Schiermeier which highlights recent ocean acidification research (2011). Links to PDF file.

Ocean Acid Trip: The Hidden Harm of Climate Change
A BayNature article on the effects of OA and how scientists and the shellfish industry have partnered to study it (2013).

Ocean Acidification: A Risky Shell Game

News Article by Kate Madin includes striking images of invertebrates reared under different pH levels (2009)

The Acid Sea

News Article in National Geographic by Elizabeth Kolbert (2011)

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