Ocean Observing Guide

Ocean Observing Guide

Learn about ocean observing and the researchers in this field. Materials for teachers and students (grades 9-12).

Interactive Multimedia and Instructional Program

An Introduction to the Integrated Ocean Observing System (video) (help)
Teacher manual: (PDF) (Word Doc)
Student manual: (PDF

Real-Time Data Lesson Plan

Real-Time Sea Surface Current Data Lesson (PDF) - A supplemental slide show overview for teachers
SF Bay Current Vectors: (PDF) (Word Doc)
Teacher manual: (PDF) (Word Doc)
Student manual: (PDF) (Word Doc)

Video Interviews with Ocean Observing Scientists

Interview with Steve Ramp, CeNCOOS Director (video) | YouTube
Interview with Erika McPhee-Shaw, MLML Oceanographer (video) | YouTube
Interview with Francisco Chavez, MBARI Oceanographer (video) | YouTube
Interview Response Form (PDF )

Classroom Poster of the California Current

Flowing Ocean - Understanding the California Current Poster (PDF)
Student Guide Supplement: (PDF) (Word Doc)

These materials were created by Matthew Binder, a teacher at North Monterey County Unified School District and CeNCOOS Summer Intern.