Interview with Biological Oceanographer Francisco Chavez 
Interview with Physical Oceanographer Erika McPhee Shaw

Details the efforts of IOOS focused on ocean acidification

A record of algal blooms in the Monterey Bay area from 1991 to present.

Overview of acidification, deoxygenation, and temperature changes, the links between them, and potential perturbation scenarios projected for coastal oceans. Jul 2015

Excellent source of up to date information on national HAB programs and research.
Information on West Coast HAB species and marine biotoxins.
A BayNature article on the effects of OA and how scientists and the shellfish industry have partnered to study it (2013).

Views and Voices of Alaska’s Fishermen, Marine Industries and Coastal Residents: Report by Rachel Donkersloot, Alaska Marine Conservation Council (2012)

Video on how ocean acidification may impact North Pacific susceptible species and cascade through food webs, via trophic interactions, to affect other species.

News Article by Kate Madin includes striking images of invertebrates reared under different pH levels (2009)

Audio and video podcasts from NOAA's National Ocean Service. Connect with ocean experts and explore topics from corals to coastal science.

Ocean Today features videos on all aspects of the ocean realm -- exploration and discoveries, marine life and science.
Images and information on over 50 phytoplankton species.
Learn about phytotplankton, diatoms and dinoflagellates and why are they important.

NOAA’s ocean observing program specifically aimed at improving understanding of the ocean carbon cycle and its influence on ocean acidification

Report a red tide or other unusual marine sighting on the Jellywatch website or with the Jellywatch app.
Get notified of HAB legislation updates.
Thank You Ocean Podcast Series

News Article in National Geographic by Elizabeth Kolbert (2011)