ESTOFS Surge Model

ESTOFS (Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System) is a storm surge model with a resolution of 2.5 km. It uses the circulation model ADCIRC, tides are included and it is forced winds and pressures from the NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS). The ESTOFS model is run by NOAA on NCEP's central computing system four times daily out to 180 hours (7.5 days) producing storm surge guidance for non-tropical systems.

Data is available in GRIB and NetCDF formats via NOMADS:


SFBOFS provides nowcast and forecast guidance of water levels, currents, water temperature, and salinity out to 48 hours, four times per day. The SFBOFS model domain is divided into two separate subdomains - the San Francisco Bay and the San Francisco Bay Entrance. Animation maps and time series at particular points of interest are available at over 50 locations for winds, water levels, currents, temperature, and salinity.

SFBOFS is FVCOM based and is a three-dimensional, high resolution model run by NOAA.


Calculate water trajectories off the California Coast with the Drop-A-Drifter tool. The movement of a particle of water (the trajectory) can be computed at selected depths of the upper 400 meters during the past two weeks and 72-hrs into the future. This can indicate where a floating substance (oil) or object (buoy) came from or will go.

CA ROMS Images

Graphics of California ROMS nowcasts and forecasts for salinity, temperature, sea surface height and currents back to April 2013 are hosted on the Remote Sensing Solutions website. Output is available by sub-region and for all of California. The sub-regions are Central and Northern California, the North Coast, San Francisco Bay area, Monterey Bay area, and the Central Coast.

West Coast ROMS

The California Current System Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) is implemented by the UC Santa Cruz Ocean Modeling Group. Daily modeled ocean conditions for approximately one day in the future are available for sea surface height (i.e. sea level), sea surface temperature with surface currents and sea surface salinity with surface currents.

CA ROMS Current Animation

See ocean current movements with a surface current trajectory animation is produced twice a day by CeNCOOS.  It is based on the 72-hour forecast from California ROMS ocean forecast model. The ROMS domain encompasses the entire California coastal region out to 1000 km off shore, with a horizontal resolution of 3 km and 40 vertical levels. 

California ROMS

The California ROMS model extends from just north of the CA-Oregon border south to Mexico and has a resolution of 3 km. Forecasts (72 hr) and nowcasts are available in near real-time for sea surface height, water temperature, salinity, and currents. This model is operated by UCLA and Remote Sensing Solutions.


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