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  • Station Description

    The Monterey shore station is maintained by Moss Landing Marine Labs. The station has been operational since 2012 and consists of in water sensors that are fixed to a pier sampling every 15 minutes. These sensors provide near-real time observations of ocean water salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity and pH. The Monterey shore station data is collected and provided by Moss Landing Marine Labs.

  • Sensor Information

    YSI Sonde


    Formats Available - NetCDF, OPeNDAP

    Date Range - March 2013 to Present

    THREDDS Catalog


    Formats Available - ASCII(.csv, tsv), dods, opendap, esriCsv, kml, pdf, html, json, xml, matlab, netCDF, png

    Date Range - Feb 2013 to Present


  • CeNCOOS Data Portal

    Formats Available - ASCII (CSV, TSV), XML, KML, HTML

    Date Range - Feb 2013 to Present

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