Kelp Forest off of Monastery Beach taken with an MPA. ©Monterey Bay Aquarium, photo by Patrick Webster

Members & Partners

CeNCOOS members come from many sectors, including tribal, regional, state and federal government agencies, non-profit organizations, academic and research organizations, and industry or for-profit corporations.

The CeNCOOS network depends on the contributions of our many observing partners that help us provide marine information that is relevant to regional stakeholders. Our network includes more than 60 member organizations throughout central and northern California — the region extending from Point Conception north to the California-Oregon border.

CeNCOOS works because of the commitment of our members to sustain observations, collect and share high-quality data, produce user-driven products and tools, and collaborate to ensure system coordination and efficiency.

There is no fee to become a CeNCOOS member but there are many benefits.

CeNCOOS Members:

CeNCOOS Membership provides a framework for collaboration among the many ocean observing entities in Central and Northern California. CeNCOOS members reinforce a shared commitment to maintain, monitor, and protect long-term sustainability and health of marine and estuarine ecosystems, their habitats, functions, services and abundant resources. CeNCOOS members engage in a bi-lateral partnership with CeNCOOS to jointly deliver the information solutions needed by the Central and Northern California ocean users.

There are a number of benefits of CeNCOOS membership including:

  • Dissemination and leveraging of your monitoring or observing data through the CeNCOOS data portal;
  • Increased public and professional awareness of your activities and programs and  broader impacts by sharing your data more widely through targeted outreach and communications support;
  • Networking with key experts, decision-makers and other stakeholders;
  • Eligibility for election to the Governing Council, lead Committees, and influence the selection of new or evolved work.

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