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The Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS) Program has been taking the pulse of the ocean ecosystem of state and federal waters in Central and Northern California since 2004. Three to four times a year, researchers from this private/public partnership collect oceanographic and biological information through a series of surveys. CeNCOOS has partnered with the ACCESS group to make these data easy accessible in the data portal.

ACCESS Data in the CeNCOOS Data Portal.

Spatial bins of average counts of the Pacific Krill from the ACCESS Program. Routine analysis of diversity, size structure and comparisons with oceanographic features are all possible in the CeNCOOS Data Portal.

In the CeNCOOS Data Portal:
Zooplankton Trawls (2004-2017)
ACCESS CTD Casts (Available Soon)
Marine Mammal Observation Surveys (Available Soon)

For more information or specific question about the data see the ACCESS Program Website.

Effort-Based Marine Mammal and Seabird Surveys

HSU Marine Mammal Stranding Program

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