Moss Landing

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  • Station Description

    The Moss Landing shore station is maintained by Moss Landing Marine Labs. This station is a seawater intake site - water from offshore (17 meters deep) is pumped up to a facility on land where the water is then analyzed by the sensors. These sensors provide near-real time observations of ocean water salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, chloropyll flourecense, turbidity and pH.

    Prior to 2010, temperature and dissolved oxygen data are available from the co-located Industrial Sea Water Intake system. More information on these measurements is available on the MLML industrial seawater intake site. The Moss Landing shore station data is collected and provided by Moss Landing Marine Lab. For more information on their coastal monitoring programs visit

  • Sensor Information

    Seabird SBE19 CTD

    AADI Oxygen Optode 3835

    C-Star Transmissometer, 10 cm

    WETStar Fluorometer

    Honeywell Durafet III

    Sensor Maintenance Log