San Luis Bay

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Station Description

The San Luis Bay shore station is located on the Cal Poly Pier and is maintained by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The station has been operational since 2003 and consists of an automous profiler, a weather station, flow through seawater system, and a water current profiler. The San Luis Bay shore station data is collected and provided by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. For more information on their coastal monitoring programs check out their webite

Sensor Information

Profiler System

Cal Poly’s fully automated profiling system measures salinity, temperature, backscatter, chlorophyll a and bioluminescence as a function of depth in the water column. Profiles are made every half-hour from the ocean surface down to 1.5 m from the bottom. Each profile of the water column takes approximately 13 minutes and spans an average depth of 11 m. At the end of each cast, the profiler is returned to the surface where the sensors are rinsed with fresh water for 30 seconds.

Seabird 19+

Wetlabs UBAT

Wetlabs FLNTU

Acoustic Wave And Current (AWAC) Meter

The AWAC (manufactured by Nortek) is an instrument that provides both a current profiler and a wave directional system in one unit. The AWAC measures the current speed and direction in one-meter thick layers from the seafloor to the surface, as well as measures long waves, storm waves, short wind waves, or transient waves generated by local ship traffic.

Cal Poly has one AWAC's in Avila Beach. The AWAC in Avila is mounted in a steel frame on the seafloor at a depth of approximately 39 feet from the surface, about 20 meters off the south end of the Cal Poly Pier.