Santa Cruz Shore Station

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  • Station Description

    The Santa Cruz shore station is maintained by UC Santa Cruz and is part of the Santa Cruz Ocean Observing Platform (SCOOP) located at the Santa Cruz Wharf. Seawater is pumped from approximately 1 m below the water surface as part of a flow through system of instruments that analyze the data and report values every 5 minutes. The site has been operational since 2011 and consists of both in-water an meteorological sensors. These sensors provide near-real-time observations of ocean water salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity and pH. For more information visit the SCOOP site.

  • Sensor Information

    SCOOP maintains water quality and weather instruments at fixed vertical positions on the Santa Cruz Wharf.

    The Weatherhawk instrument is located on the roof of the SCW Municipal Offices, 40m above sea level.

    The water quality instruments (YSI Sonde 6600v2) are located beneath the wharf, and operated by a flow-through system.