Trinidad Shore Station

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  • Station Description

    The Trinidad shore station is maintained by Humboldt State University. The station has been operational since 2012 and consists of subsurface sensors mounted rigidly to a pier. The sensors provide near-real-time observations of ocean water salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll flourescence, turbidity and pH.

    Water depth at this location ranges from approximately 5ft to 15 ft.

    From 2005 to 2011 data is available from a previous station located on the old Trinidad pier. The Trinidad shore station data is collected and provided by Humboldt State University.

  • Sensor Information

    YSI Sonde 6600v2



    March 2013 to Present



    ASCII(.csv, tsv), dods, opendap, esriCsv, kml, pdf, html, json, xml, matlab, netCDF, png

    May 2011 - Present

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    ASCII (CSV, TSV), XML, KML and more

    May 2011 - Present

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