Models Overview

Circulation Models

Two ROMS (Regional Ocean Modeling System) models encompassing Central and Northern California are currently available; the West Coast ROMS which extends from Canada to Mexico at a resolution of 10 km, and the California ROMS which spans from just north of the CA-Oregon border south to Mexico and has a resolution of 3 km. Both models provide information on sea surface height, water temperature, salinity, and currents.

From 2010 to 2013, an additional ROMS model was run at a higher-resolution in Monterey Bay.  More details about each of the models, their data and products is available on the individual model pages.


Wave Models

Wave height, period and direction forecasts for California coastal waters are generated by the CDIP program. Nowcasts and 5 day forecasts are available at scales ranging from statewide down to individual ports and harbors.

Atmospheric Models

COAMPS (Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System) model nowcasts and forecasts (to 72-hr) of atmospheric conditions are available from the Oregon border to Point Conception. For detailed information about the COAMPS model and available data follow the link below to our COAMPS page.