Data Access

Data Access

CeNCOOS Data Portal

Download data with our portal

The portal has a Search Catalog for finding sensor observations, satellite and model data. It includes background information about the data, an interactive data viewer and data download capabilities.

Portal Search Catalog

Direct Data Services

Access the data portal's underlying data services


Model, satellite and HF Radar data are available through our THREDDS Service. Data are available as NetCDF files via OPeNDAP services, NetCDF Subset Service is also enabled.

Accessing a data set for the first time can take a while, subsequent data requests will be much faster.  Thanks for your patience.



Sensor observations for all parameters are available via our ERDDAP. Data output formats include CSV, MAT, R, OpenDap, XML, JSON, NetCDF, KML and more.

ERDDAP also can provide data feeds directly into MATLAB, R and Python programs. With a few lines of code you can import data and bypass manually downloading the data. See examples and get more details about ERDDAP capabilities in the ERDDAP Documentation.

ERDDAP ERDDAP Documentation

SOS - Sensor Observation Service

SOS is the common data service that the regional ocean observing systems implement to contribute our data to the national IOOS data system. We use 52°North SOS which is an open source software implementation of the Open Geospatial Consortium's (OGC) Sensor Observation Service (SOS) Standard. The service provides access to both sensor information (SensorML) and measured sensor observations.

There are a variety of clients for interfacing with SOS data feeds including custom clients for Matlab, R and ArcGIS. More information about SOS is avaible on the 52N Sensor Web Community Page.

CeNCOOS SOS 52N Sensor Web Community Page


Use our ISO WAF to include CeNCOOS data listings in your catalog or portal. This web accessible folder provides metadata for all datasets listed in our THREDDS catalog (see above) in ISO 19115-2 schema.