M1 Buoy Data plots (last 7 days)

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s (MBARI) M1 buoy data plots

M1 QC notes for plots

Incoming Atmospheric Radiation
Meteorological Variables (blue=metsys, green=hrh)
Meteorological Variables (blue=metsys, green=hrh)
Surface and Subsurface Temperature and Salinity
Temperature and Salinity (magenta sfc, red 10m
orange 20m,green 40m,cyan 60m,blue 80m)
Temperature and Salinity (magenta 100m, red 150m
orange 200m,green 250m,cyan 300m)
Subsurface Currents
ADCP profile (green=East/West, red=North/South)
Surface Fluorescence
Surface pCO2 and pH
Dissolved Oxygen