Humboldt Bay Oyster Dashboard

The Humboldt Bay Oyster Dashboard, originally developed by researchers at
Humboldt State University and oyster growers at Coast Seafoods in Humboldt Bay, provides a
simple, user-friendly interface to deliver relevant information about ocean acidification  to oyster growers. The dashboard gives users access to real-time, historical and forecasts of relevant ocean parameters.

The product integrates visualizations of the local upwelling index, water temperature, pH,
chlorophyll, and experimental harmful algal bloom forecasts. The site also contains a real-time
double plot of the Upwelling Index (U.I.) and chlorophyll fluorescence. These parameters
provide farmers with information on acidification events that can potentially be harmful to
juvenile oysters, availability of food for the oysters, warm water temperatures that promote the growth of oyster pathogens, and potentially high levels of toxins in the water.