Algal Blooms

Algal Blooms

HABS Monitoring

Get the latest harmful algal bloom monitoring data for sites in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Long Beach and San Diego. The goals of this program are to collect comparable data at regional stations, provide timely updates on HAB events, and aid in understanding the timing, extent, and impact of these events on humans as well as the ecosystem. Information is available in a map viewer, time-series charts and table views. Data is available to download in text file formats. 

Satellite Chlorophyll

Composite images of Chlorophyll-a data from MODIS - Aqua are available to view and download through the CeNCOOS data portal. Data covers a large area spanning the West Coast, extending from Canada to Mexico at a resolution of  1/80 of a degree. 

Algal Bloom Data

Algal blooms are composed of one or more species of phytoplankton. Some blooms are 'red tides', appearing brown to red in color, and some of these can be harmful to people or wildlife depending on the species forming the bloom. Other blooms are not visible but can still cause health problems. Learn more about algal blooms and algal bloom monitoring activities on the pages listed below.


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