California OAH Monitoring Symposium – Moss Landing, April 6-7


06/04/2023 - 07/04/2023    
All Day

On April 6-7, 2023, over 40 researchers, policy makers, and stakeholders gathered at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, CA for the California OAH Monitoring Symposium. The goal of the ‘Symposium’ was to convene California OAH monitoring project leads, stakeholders and data providers (managers of shore station and coastal moorings, NERRS and USGS water quality monitoring managers, and diver-deployed OAH sensor programs) to achieve the following:

  • Share lessons learned and facilitate input from the greater stakeholder community on OAH Portal and associated data visualizations, presentations, and analyses

  • Discuss data ingestion and visualization capability to understand optimal information delivery for stakeholders and data providers

  • Convene OAH monitoring project leads to enhance community awareness and identify synergies / areas of opportunity

  • Share challenges, best practices, and lessons learned (including github code)

  • Create community for learning and data quality enhancement

  • Improve metadata linkage to co-located biological data

  • Work with data providers to produce representative data visualizations within the Cal OAH Portal

This effort was supported in large part by the California Ocean Protection Council and California Sea Grant Award: A California OAH Portal to Enable Synthesis and Understanding of Statewide Status and Trends (Project Number R/HCEOPC-32). You can access the beta California OAH Portal here:  In addition, an agenda and report from this meeting can be accessed by clicking on this link.