Glider observations are supported collaboratively by MBARI, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and CeNCOOS with funding from NOAA and the State of California. Use the listing below to see details for each mission and access data from both active and previous glider missions.

Active Glider Missions

Line 66.7Monterey Bay / Offshore2014-06Present
TrinidadTrinidad Head / Offshore2015-03Present
UCSC 294UCSC 294 ECOHAB / CANON2015-05Present
UCSC 260UCSC 260 ECOHAB / CANON2015-05Present

Completed Glider Missions

TrinidadTrinidad / Offshore20142015
Line 66.7Monterey Bay / Offshore20072014
TEX Wave GliderMonterey Bay2014-02-062014-02-28
Wave GliderMonterey Bay2013-07-202013-10-05
NPS Glider 34Monterey Bay2013-08-292013-10-27
NPS Glider 29Monterey Bay2013-08-292013-10-27
CANON 2013 UCSC 294Monterey Bay2013-09-202013-10-27
BENEX 2011Monterey Bay2011-08-162011-10-27